The Best Gadget To Increase The Cellular Signal

On February 16, 2012, in technology, by pravakar

Today no one person counts the duration and the number of talks via the cell phone. That happens because the value of mobile communications is much greater than the cost of telephone calls.

Still, even the technology of mobile communication is recognized as a leader in the way of communication over long distances, it has unresolved questions. They can be the deterioration of cellular parameters (“croaking”, distortion of speech, disappearance, etc) or complete absence of cellular connection in rural areas. There are often such problems in big cities, although there are many working cellular towers around, in suburban towns, in the villages, the places where the quality of cellular signal sometimes does not meet even the most undemanding requirements. Also, there are still areas where the phone signal is completely absent.

mobile booster

You can also get into the “zone of risk”, if you are a resident or a user of holiday houses, villas, country houses, cottages for tens of kilometers distant from the cell  towers of wireless operators. In this case it is unrealistic even to hope for the good phone communication. The shops, clubs, offices, cafes, overlain by tall buildings, dense walls and ceilings also don’t transfer the cellular signal. Greenhouses, warehouses, vegetable stores, sheds are often constructed of building materials, projecting significant obstacles for the mobile signal. Some apartments are in areas with massive buildings. Due to the fact that there are the mass of radio waves in these areas to control the quality of reception in all apartments is almost impossible.

Nevertheless, to avoid such problems is elementary if only to think about strengthening the gsm or 3g signal where the mobile phone is not functioning. The correct solution is the mobile booster.

This device can operate in the gsm, 3g or both bands, consists of the internal antenna, the booster and the external antenna. The signal from the mobile tower of the mobile operator comes on the external antenna, and then goes to the cell phone amplifier. It amplifies the signal and then transfers it through the internal antenna, mounted in the building, to subscribers’ phones. The same process occurs in backwards, the cellular signal is transmitted from the phone at the mobile base station.

These mobile signal amplifiers are useful not only for communication via mobile phones, but also to gain control of modems operating on 3g, they increase the speed of the Internet. This is a great solution when there is no wired internet and wireless internet from a mobile operator does not please the quality of reception and transmission.

You can find repeaters of different power and extent of amplification. With some you can amplify the signal of mobile phones in the office or at home, and with the help of others it’s possible to enhance the signal capacity for the whole village. You can also select a device that fits aesthetically into the interior of your home, or it will be hidden from your eyes.

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